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Hiril Galad

Mae govannen. Welcome to "Hiril Galad" or in English, "Lady Light." Dedicated to the Lady of Light herself. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, email them to Amatria and I will do my best to reply. Please enjoy your stay. Belain na le.

I adopted the Phial |From Arwen Evenstar||
Thank you

UPDATES 11/9/04 Got some new avatars up! And another nominee! :D Keep them coming! I want this to be a productive site like!
UPDATES 11/8/04 Yay! Finally we have some nominees! :) And we've nominated ourself as well so wish us luck. Ha ha ha! :)
UPDATES 10/31/04 Mae govannen. Today is the opening of my new site dedicated to Galadriel. The awards, gallery, and media pages are up. Please sign the guestbook should you visit. Hannon le.


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